Te recordé.

En un atardecer de esos que no llegan a oscurecer lo suficiente,
pienso un poco en ti.

Me desoriento sin hacer conciencia
de el viento que debajo de mi viaja,
haciendo danzar aquellas hojas secas,
mientras que otras le cantan al rozar las varandas.

Ya la melodía en orden,
y la frescura del agua en armonía con mi ánimo,
entonces te recuerdo,
con tu peculiar caminar entre los muros de esta ciudad
que, no importa de dónde vienen los rayos de la estrella sol,
las sombras aparentan reflejarse en una sola dirección.

Te recuerdo, con colores en las manos,
manchando el aire mientras hablas,
maniobrando una frase tan inocente,
y luego una menos plana.
Te recuerdo sonriendo,
escondiendo esa carcajada que brinda la alegría necesaria
para discernir entre el bienestar y la añoranza.

Te recuerdo, y te recordé
y ahora me dedico a olvidar tu ausencia,
en este atardecer,
que sin darme cuenta nunca oscureció,
porque ya dejó anochecer;
ya es noche… oscura y sabia.

Poca inspiración.

Yo solía escribir mis tiempos en letras temporales;
unas cuantas frases pasajeras que dormían entre-lazadas
a unos sueños perseverantes.

Me tomaba el tiempo de maldecir aquellos momentos mágicos,
sintiendo una extraña alegría de poder estar triste
y marcar estas silentes teclas con los ojos cerrados.

Esa inspiración que llegaba tras despedir lo añorado
para sentir añoranza arrepentida de esperar;
no, no más… Y mañana una vez más.

Como cuando no estás.

Como cuando respiro,
no me percato de mi alrededor,
y la indiferencia evita la atención,
como cuando suspiro.

Como cuando duermo,
la dirección de mi mirada se esconde,
y todo aquel techo blanco recorre,
como cuando no duermo.

Como cuando te respiro,
me dejo sobre el hombro un suspiro,
y poca es la noche que no duermo,
imaginando y creando sueños contigo.

Alma Is No. 6 on Ad Age’s Agency A-List

Latinos’ fondness for soccer isn’t exactly a new insight, but U.S. Hispanic agency Alma took that knowledge one step further to develop a novel project for client State Farm.

Alma’s “Play Now, Illuminate Later” initiative uses the beloved sport to bring electricity to Latin American communities that need it. It all begins with an online game in which players accrue points — aka “virtual minutes of light” — that go toward providing thousands of real soccer balls to communities in Latin America that lack electricity. There, kids play soccer with the donated balls, which have a unique feature: Every 15 minutes of play generate three hours of power when a light is plugged into a socket embedded in the fully charged soccer ball.

“We love to give back,” said Luis Miguel Messianu, the Omnicom Group shop’s president and chief creative officer. “We’d read about this technology and were looking for a way for State Farm to link itself to soccer, but in a different way.”

Consumers engaged with the interactive games on State Farm’s Spanish-language Facebook page for 142,602 minutes in one month, often choosing to donate the chargeable soccer balls to their native countries. The results were huge for the marketer: State Farm saw U.S. Hispanic insurance quotes grow 44% and registered a 47% increase in Hispanic sales.

That knack for matching Hispanics’ passion points with online efforts helped Alma’s digital revenue soar 300% last year. Overall, revenue grew 10%, boosted by a new-business marathon led by Isaac Mizrahi (the marketer, not the famous designer), who joined Alma two years ago as managing director after years at Sprint and Coca-Cola. Last year alone, the agency succeeded at bringing home 10 new accounts.

And at a time when Hispanic shops are increasingly defending their business against general-market agencies, Alma is being called upon for general-market work. It handles mainstream advertising for Visit Florida, once a client of DDB‘s Miami office, which Alma absorbed.

Still, Mr. Messianu doesn’t want to stray too far from the agency’s core. When an impressed client offered him the chance to compete for cellphone marketer Cricket’s general-market account during a pitch last year, he stuck to — and won — the Hispanic business.

Alma is at its best when helping long-time clients like McDonald’s lead with multicultural insights, and new clients say that’s part of what attracts them. A new smoothie for McCafé was introduced with a lyrical spot in which a young woman sips the drink and has a flashback to images from her Latin American childhood.

“I love the mango-pineapple smoothie work,” said Neil Golden, CMO of McDonald’s USA. “It’s beautiful and insightful. We ran it in Spanish-language media and also extensively in English-language.”

Last year, Alma relocated to a new office, which the Miami shop said was akin to going from “a warren of hamster cubicles on a highway to a waterfront dream castle.” But the move to the stunning new space incited a rebellion by creatives who were appalled to learn that to shake things up, the 111 staffers would be grouped by client or project teams, rather than sitting in the usual departments.

Mr. Messianu, a nonconformist who likes to cajole people out of their comfort zones, asked them to give it a try and, within a couple of months, the creatives decided the new approach worked. When the latest employee-satisfaction survey was issued, Alma, which is part of the DDB network but was allowed to drop the DDB name, scored among the top 20% of DDB offices.

“The creatives are more committed and have more business sense; the account people have more of a sense of belonging, and digital and planning are at the core,” Mr. Messianu said.


My first album, or something…

To those who don’t know, I make music on my spare time. It’s kind of weird because I can’t stand electronic music, yet I make electronic music. I won’t call it “electronic” because to me ear sounds more like Industrial or something like that, but hey… it is what it is. I won’t come with a weird title for its genre just to make myself sound cool.

Ok so, I took 10 of my tracks and created a digital album called Zero One that you can listen in my bandcamp page, and if you like it you can purchase it for $8.99.

Critics and comments are very much welcome!

UPDATE: I’ve set the album as a NAME YOUR PRICE album so you can either download it for free or donate something to the poorer (that would be me).


The Future by Miranda July, and a couple more things.

The FutureSo I saw this movie today… damn! I can’t explain how much I hated the movie… I like to consider myself a pretty tolerant person but I really don’t get the people that like these kind of storytelling. It’s a completely empty movie, composed by a collage of bizarre scenes and dialogues that, after an hour or so, get on some track. It feels like she started writing the movie and then, after 60 pages of script she finally realized what the movie was going to be about, but yet just when i thought the movie was getting into something, the collage started again… random weird situations that don’t say anything.

Then I hate it more when I go online and read reviews that are obviously trying to make some pretentious sense out of whatever Miranda July does. A real relationship? Really? I mean, granted… everything is different in this story… it’s a screenplay like no other! It is completely original! Yet, for me, that doesn’t mean it is good!

This post is not intended to be a review, it’s more like I want to make some sort of a point… I’m not sure. I guess I hate when things are appreciated for pretentious reasons. Of course, out there in the world there are a lot of people that feel that if they say they like this movie they’re going to be considered COOL, or DEEP, or ORIGINAL… if you are one of those, then see it and you will be glorified.

not me.


The Wave (2008)

This weekend I was working on some stuff with a very good friend of mine, and after being done we looked for a movie to watch. She remembered The Wave, a german movie that a friend recommended.  At the beginning I was kind of “really!? I’m not in the mood of reading subtitles” but once the whole movie started to develop, I was hooked for the long run! It’s about a teacher who teaches about dictatorships. First thing that came to my mind was Germany…Hitler… ouch! Well, the point is that the teacher runs the experiment with the class, and the whole project goes out of control! The class basically starts a social movement without the guy even realizing it.

Update: Just read that the movie is inspired by true events that happened in California, 1967. Interesting…

Very cool movie, with good cinematography, well written and told. The acting is not its strength but is not bad at all… Europeans have this distinctive style…

Highly recommended. You can stream it from Netflix.


Twine: Small device, huge idea.

Reading some news today I stumbled upon this little device two guys came up with in MIT. There’s only one thing I’ve got to say: WOW. I’ve got to admit, it’s kind of freaky at the same time … but WOW. Very neat idea, innovative and smart. They posted their project on and man have they got funded! They were asking for $35k and they already have raised almost $435k with 4 more days to go! Isn’t that amazing?

This definitely is an inspiring project. How something so simple can give so much! Will I pledge? oh yes…

check the kickstarter page here:


@2012: My digital predictions.

The Mayan Calendar! Nibiru and the annunakis! Galactic Alignment! Apocalypse! These are only some of the predictions I’ve read online over the past 3 years about what’s going to happen in December 21st, 2012. My area of expertise is not religion or science, but… the end of the world? Please…

Now, going to what I really want to talk about. During my much needed holiday vacations I’ve thought a lot about what I expect in the next year; like a broker, what’s going UP and what’s going DOWN in the digital advertising world and the interactive world in general. So let’s see:

Flash: I don’t need to talk too much about this one. We all saw this one coming. We recently saw Adobe announcing that it’s discontinuing Flash Player development for mobile devices. Do I need to say more?

HTML5: And after saying that Flash is going down, well… HTML5 is the reason why. The advances that we’ve seen this year are amazing and now with new software like Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge being developed, I simply can’t see a way for flash to compete in 2012. Great example: The Expressive Web

Facebook engagement: Even though I’m in disagreement with engaging consumers in Facebook, there is no doubt that brands are in the social site to stay, for a huge reason: Consumers are there all day long. To be honest, I can foresee a downfall of Facebook if they keep on enabling brands become more intrusive to users and creating noise in their clean interface which was what got everybody into Facebook in the first place: the clean UI, without intrusive advertising.

Google+ Engagement: Well, as much as I like Google, I see G+ going nowhere but south. And now they want to start doing the same thing Facebook is doing for brands and companies, which in the long run, I see as a negative factor. I have to mention that Google, being the huge company that it’s become, is not being very smart by trying to do, well… about everything! Guys, keep it slim. Do fewer things great rather than lots of mediocre ones. And Google, you should know better: asking people to go use G+ by now is like MS asking people to use Bing! over Google. (ironic, right?)

–   Twitter: Going nowhere… people are still going to use it the same way, brands as well. The only thing that could happen is that they change functionality. More than 140 chars? Don’t think so but it could happen. Also, they could start charging brands for accounts, I remember reading something like that this year, maybe it’ll happen in twenty twelve.

E-Coupons: Including Groupons, Living Social, and all of the coupons sites. from my point of view, these were just a big buzz. I personally don’t believe in the business model. This kind of sites have been around for a while, so really the only innovation that Groupons brought to the table was a big sales team, but in reality the model has a lot of flaws and it’s very, very vulnerable. I may be wrong… let’s see how it goes.

Digital Signage: And a lot of you are going to be like … what? in a lot of ways. One way would be “What is that?” Sorry, won’t explain it here (google it) but that’s exactly one of the reasons I think is going down. The other face of the coin is that some of you are going like “What!? No way! Digital Signage is the future of signage! it’s digital, and can be interactive, and video and sound and Minority Report…” The truth is, like in Minority Report, consumers just walk by and don’t pay attention and DS is extremely expensive, for both sides, networks and advertisers. Another big problem I see in this area is the industry: No smart thinking (Sorry). A lot of corporate thinking but nobody is sitting down to think like a creative advertiser (meaning, like an agency).  While the advertising industry is thinking of being less intrusive and more engaging, DS networks are focusing on putting more intrusive screens on more places. Luckily, there are companies like my friends at rVue really making something that may turn this industry upside down.

Mobile: My biggest bet would go to Mobile. Everything is turning into mobile, and its no surprise. Nowadays having a mobile device is having a computer, GPS, radio, TV, gaming console, music player and more in one single device, and the most important thing… its portability, so consumers carry them everywhere, all the time. Do you really understand what that means? It means that everything you do as an advertiser, TV, radio or OOH can have a Mobile engagement right away. Consumers don’t have to wait until they get home to the TV or the computer to see a (intrusive) message, they can access it right away wherever they are. The trick would be not making ‘advertising’ but content. Consumers won’t approach advertising, they don’t want to be advertised, and the best way to avoid this is creating entertaining and useful Apps and/or experiences. The sky is the limit.

Interactive TV: I’m honestly not sure if 2012 is too soon for it to grow as much, but since we already have everything in place (gaming consoles, YouTube, netflix, hulu, Smart TVs, etc.) we just need to put the pieces together in the right way. I think that could happen in 2012 and we can start looking at growth in interactive branded content. One thing that worries me is how slow some of the services, like Netflix, are being able to keep up. I’ve heard of too many people cancelling their subscriptions to these services because of it. Let’s see how it goes.

Pandora: Although it’s a great service and it will not disappear, I think that more people are going to be moving to other platforms such as Spotify just for one single reason: Control. The fact that you cannot play whatever you want but what Pandora thinks is what your want to listen, it wasn’t a disadvantage until services like Spotify and Grooveshark came along. Needless to say that these services are going UP next year.

Ok so that’s it for now. I may come up with more later, so may rename this post to a part 1 and write a part 2. I could be wrong in what I say so please feel free to leave your comments.