The Wave (2008)

This weekend I was working on some stuff with a very good friend of mine, and after being done we looked for a movie to watch. She remembered The Wave, a german movie that a friend recommended.  At the beginning I was kind of “really!? I’m not in the mood of reading subtitles” but once the whole movie started to develop, I was hooked for the long run! It’s about a teacher who teaches about dictatorships. First thing that came to my mind was Germany…Hitler… ouch! Well, the point is that the teacher runs the experiment with the class, and the whole project goes out of control! The class basically starts a social movement without the guy even realizing it.

Update: Just read that the movie is inspired by true events that happened in California, 1967. Interesting…

Very cool movie, with good cinematography, well written and told. The acting is not its strength but is not bad at all… Europeans have this distinctive style…

Highly recommended. You can stream it from Netflix.


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