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Not going to talk about much about this one because I have no time … but highly recommended! specially to independent artists!


Movie Weekend: “The Artist” and “Moneyball”

This weekend was a pretty quiet one for me, so I decided to watch a couple of movies that are front runners for the Oscars this year.

I got to be honest: I wasn’t very sure about this one. It’s about baseball, a sport I really don’t care about (not that I care a lot about sports in general anyways). It really took me by surprise that, even though I don’t know anything about baseball, I was really hooked by the way the story develops. In a lot of ways this movie isn’t solely about baseball; the movie is really a metaphor on taking risks on the choices we make in life and, regardless of being right or wrong, how we deal with them. At the end, we can get the clear message that we can be winners while losing, and that message is delivered admirably.


The acting is outstanding. Brad Pitt truly demonstrate (again!) that he’s not only a front page-pretty face-celebrity.  Jonah Hill still has a long way to go, but he really deserves his nomination just for the versatility he showed in this role; I forgot this guy was Seth on Superbad. Other than the story itself, what I loved the most was the photography of this film… it’s simply beautiful. To me, it’s simply outrageous that it didn’t make it to the nomination of best cinematography, even though my vote goes to “the Tree of Life” for this category.

I haven’t seen all of the movies nominated for best picture, but man this one is going to be hard to beat for me! I’m not going to say a lot about this one because these kind of movies are so unknown to me… It’s actually the first mute movie I’ve ever seen from beginning to end. Story wise is very simple, yet very entertaining, funny and clever! The acting is SUPERB! Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo are amazing and the chemistry they have it’s simply put, outstanding. They really bring back those over-the-top details that are so emblematic of the 20’s and 30’s cinema. Oh! The soundtrack is a MUST HAVE.

As I said, this genre is so unknown to me that I can’t even describe why i liked it so much… I just did.

The Future by Miranda July, and a couple more things.

The FutureSo I saw this movie today… damn! I can’t explain how much I hated the movie… I like to consider myself a pretty tolerant person but I really don’t get the people that like these kind of storytelling. It’s a completely empty movie, composed by a collage of bizarre scenes and dialogues that, after an hour or so, get on some track. It feels like she started writing the movie and then, after 60 pages of script she finally realized what the movie was going to be about, but yet just when i thought the movie was getting into something, the collage started again… random weird situations that don’t say anything.

Then I hate it more when I go online and read reviews that are obviously trying to make some pretentious sense out of whatever Miranda July does. A real relationship? Really? I mean, granted… everything is different in this story… it’s a screenplay like no other! It is completely original! Yet, for me, that doesn’t mean it is good!

This post is not intended to be a review, it’s more like I want to make some sort of a point… I’m not sure. I guess I hate when things are appreciated for pretentious reasons. Of course, out there in the world there are a lot of people that feel that if they say they like this movie they’re going to be considered COOL, or DEEP, or ORIGINAL… if you are one of those, then see it and you will be glorified.

not me.


The Wave (2008)

This weekend I was working on some stuff with a very good friend of mine, and after being done we looked for a movie to watch. She remembered The Wave, a german movie that a friend recommended.  At the beginning I was kind of “really!? I’m not in the mood of reading subtitles” but once the whole movie started to develop, I was hooked for the long run! It’s about a teacher who teaches about dictatorships. First thing that came to my mind was Germany…Hitler… ouch! Well, the point is that the teacher runs the experiment with the class, and the whole project goes out of control! The class basically starts a social movement without the guy even realizing it.

Update: Just read that the movie is inspired by true events that happened in California, 1967. Interesting…

Very cool movie, with good cinematography, well written and told. The acting is not its strength but is not bad at all… Europeans have this distinctive style…

Highly recommended. You can stream it from Netflix.